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About Me

Being involved and giving back to my community is very important to me.

My husband, John and I married in 1967 and moved to 201 Elm Street where I still reside.  Raised two children, Susan (Justin) Simmons who lives in Greenwood and Stephen who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with traditional family values – honesty, hard work, concern for and helping others!  Member and attend Greenwood First Baptist Church.  Worked 24 years at Ernst & Young LLP before retiring in 1998.  Graduate of Greenwood Police Department’s first Citizens Police Academy.  In free time I enjoy restoring (finished 31 pickup last year) and traveling in Model A Fords.

I felt both honored and blessed to have been selected to fill the remaining three years of John’s term when he lost his battle with the cancer beast.  I am proud to be your representative for the last 7 years. It is imperative we keep the needs of our district known and being considered when decisions are being made.  I stand committed to continue meeting the needs of our District with effective, efficient government and common sense spending!

Co-founder of “Flags for Greenwood”July 4th 2009 065

With the support and efforts of the community “Flags for Greenwood” a 501(c)(3) has collected funds to expand the initial 250 “Avenue of Flags” to over 900 American flags. They so gallantly wave and remind us of the heroic efforts of those that have fought for our freedom patriotically flying on utility poles along our city streets.  The decision was made by John and I not to ask for city funding but to solicit funds from our community since its inception in 1996.  The response has been overwhelming and shows the great community PRIDE! 

Volunteer significant hours annually to assist in planning and working annual “Miles for Myeloma” (M4M) event to raise funds for research and better treatment options for multiple myeloma cancer patients.  Drive lead SAG vehicle, help identify route and secure police escorts in high traffic areas so our athletes can safely bicycle throughout Indiana.


The athletes have ridden more than 2000 miles and approaching $2.75 million since inception in 2005.  Their research has helped win approval of new drugs, developed methods to alleviate debilitating symptoms and now the average patients are living more than seven years after diagnosis.

Model TIn my free time, I enjoy traveling in our Model A Fords. Recently finished restoration of a 1931 Model A Pickup and have a 1931 Model A Delivery Sedan near completion. 

Other accomplishments include the creation and organization of a Crime Watch Program for three neighborhoods within my council district in 1993.  I have served as a consultant to two other crime watch groups and will be helping start another group in March.  In 1997, our family went door-to-door obtaining signatures to reopen the bridge on County Line when it was reduced to one lane of traffic for several months.

Two major issues that are important to keep moving forward this next year are the Old Town Façade project, long term strategy designed to encourage economic development and upgrading the standards in our building codes.  We need to update and increase the requirements of exterior appearances and adopt higher standards the same as other communities have done.  We should no longer be satisfied with gas stations having metal post from the canopy to the ground.  Our city should be requiring higher standards as well.

As you councilwoman it is my duty to make sure the city sets realistic goals and priorities.  Three  top priorities are continued  supporting police and fire, repair or replacing sidewalks and paving deteriorating streets. 

We must keep a lid on the cost of our city government by continuing within a responsible and conservative budget.  Our city tax rate went from  $0.6962 in 2013 to $0.6609 per $100 of assess valuation in 2014. 

I understand you expect the city to operate a frugal, competent, effective and honest government without reducing services.  An effective councilperson must have an understanding of all city departments in order to make prudent decisions at budget time.  I have the experience to deal with the problems facing one of the fastest growing cities in our state.

I am proud of my accomplishments, I am conservative and demand honesty.  I don’t mind asking the hard questions so the right decisions can be made.  I have fought for what I believe in and stand for what’s best for the people in my District.   I have demonstrated a reputation to be fair yet compassionate – but a firm problem solver.  Integrity matters even when it may not be the “politically correct” thing to do!

Our city infrastructure and services have grown significantly over the years.  It’s imperative to have visions for the city yet be very frugal.  We must continue to manage and maintain our existing infrastructure.  The city budget must be managed the very same as one’s own personal budget.

Controlled economic development is essential in order to maintain a reasonable tax base which in essence supports our budget needs.  Sound commercial growth is economically necessary as it does not impact our student population creating need for expensive new schools.  Elected city officials have no control over the public school budgets or school tax rates.

I attend at least 85% of the following meetings:
Redevelopment Commission
Economic Development
Board of Aviation Commissioners

Historid Downtown Greenwood

I attend the Old Town Greenwood Revitalization meetings and support the FACADE grant of $40,000. This grant allowed us to hire a firm to do renditions of how the former facades looked in the immediate downtown area.  Involved in the effort to obtain $400,000 grant to begin redoing facades along Main & Madison Avenue.

I am also a member of ASPIRE Johnson County and attend most all of their monthly large group meetings as well as being a member of the Talent Group. Aspire Johnson County is a county-wide initiative focusing on a goal of making Johnson County a true destination to live, work and play.  The Talent Retention Team is working to attract and retain qualified people who want to live, work and play in our communities.  One of the wonderful things about Aspire is that volunteers from cities, towns and county are working together to better attract families who want to find a fantastic place to move, build their career and family. The group is working with schools to highlight the vast array of career opportunities in Johnson County.  Part of this initiative is working with 6th grade students to help them identify career goals that will provide them the salary necessary to enjoy quality of life experiences.

It is my privilege to be your council representative.   I will continue to listen to your concerns, criticisms or suggestions….that’s why I list my phone number on my campaign literature and have my number listed in the directory.

I do listen so please call me anytime! (317)418-3031

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