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My Role

What Role I Have Played: 

I was appointed by the council to be their liaison to the airport.  Directly involved in both helping transition the airport to a more stable financial foundation and activities at the airport.  Worked several days during the Super Bowl when we had 33 jets staying at our airport in addition we had many passengers that were dropped off and picked up after event.

Worked on Boat, RV’s and Trailer ordinance.  Many residents were finding the storage of boats, RV’s and trailers were impacting the appearance of their neighborhood and wanted more specific guidelines as to how/where they could be stored/parked as well as how many could be stored on the property of each homeowner.

Brought forward need to establish a “maintenance” ordinance.  Several situations were brought to the City’s attention such as gutters that had been hanging from buildings for several months, residents using their front porch to store storage bins or roofs that had tarps over damaged areas for many many months at a time.  Residents felt there were issues that if left unresolved they could have a direct impact on their property value.

Back in 2008, a group was working on reviewing the sign ordinance.  Many complaints were received related to signs in the right-of-way blocking vision, the appearance of signs, the length of time the same sign was up, banners flapping in the wind etc.  I served on the committee to update sign code.

waterpark2I was extremely concerned about the location being considered for the new “Freedom Springs” aquatic park.  Feel it will be difficult for children in the northern/eastern sections of the city to get to the pool.  I am still trying to get something established to provide a transportation pickup once each weekday to take youngsters to the pool.  I do not want the pool to become a daycare but think it extremely important to have certain destinations with bike racks where children can be picked up and transported to the pool.
OldTownRevitInvolved with the Restore Old Town Greenwood Revitalization group and city to obtain grant to create a redevelopment plan and drawings of how Old Town facades would have looked.  Helped with working on and passing Comprehensive Plan for the revitalization of Old Town business district.   Next step is to get OCRA façade grant for $400,000 to partner with RDC and business owners to start restoring the appearance of the facades.

Have become a senior advocate.  As a member of the city council I am responsible for passing ordinances, resolutions, setting the budget/finance and appropriations of tax dollars spent on behalf of you the taxpayer.  Also sponsoring various walk-on ordinances and resolutions so they can be added to the meeting agenda.  Council periodically does proclamations or resolutions honoring a group or individual’s accomplishments ie. Greenwood Band wining State Championship.

Much progress has been made but there is still much to be accomplished.

Projects That Will Happen Soon: 

65InterchangeArt65InterchangeI 65 Exit at Worthville Road (diverging diamond)– due to start this Spring should help alleviate traffic congestion along the east side of the city as well as on Main Street through the Old Town areas


Opening Memorial Day – Freedom Springs aquatic park Waterpark




Roundabout at Main & Averitt – construction will take place June and July of this year



Liner in sewers along Pearl Street and storm water management (some of system is 100+ years old

Rehab of Taxiway at Airport

Traffic signal at Main St & Graham Rd (2016)

Roundabout at Smith Valley & Yorktown Rd

Improvements along Smith Valley Rd and State Road 135 (WalMart)

Design study of Smith Valley & Madison Avenue

Projects In the Planning:

Additional sidewalks along Fry Road near Timbers Edge and Fire Station 92

Roundabout at Stones Crossing & Honey Creek

Old Town Facades if OCRA Grant Received in Aug 2015.

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