Linda Gibson

City Council District 1

Greenwood City BuildingIn 2014, a conservatively forecast estimated the new City Center would save our city $120,000 per year as a result of relocating the majority of our city employees under one roof.  Actual savings in 2018 was $83,887.  The rent collected (including the Common Area Maintenance charges) amounts to $186,488.  The total benefit to taxpayers would be the sum of these two: $270,375. 

City forecast:  Smooth Sailing

Exciting time in Greenwood not stagnant but Vibrant & Growing!

Assessed Valuation (AV) Increased from $2,129,424,140(12/31/14) to $2,493,703,197 Certified for 2019

Tax rate reduced from $.6609 in 2014 to $.6573 in 2019

In 2014, Johnson County was reported by CNN Money to be in top 10 Suburbs to live – Median household income $60,835 (national average $48,958)

Unemployment rate 5.3 (national rate:  6.7%)  

In 2017, MONEY magazine cited Greenwood’s family friendly atmosphere, low housing and excellent park system named Greenwood as of one of “THE BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN AMERICA’ FOR 2017”

The Mayor reminds us of the importance of persistence.  Such as Freedom Springs or Old Town Greenwood.   Rumors floated that we would lose a minimum of $20,000 per year if we built what people were calling an “oversize” water park.  In 2018, Freedom Springs welcomed over 108,000 visitors and exceeded $1 million in annual revenue.   The Old Town Facade project lead the way of doing something rather than just talking about it over and over.  The Old City Park project will bring even more focus and activity in our downtown area.  NOW THAT’S PERSISTENCE AND  DETERMINATION !!!

Please do not take this out of context but I do not solicit or accept donations for my campaign.  I believe by paying for one’s own campaign you eliminate any reference that a vote in favor of something may have been a payback related to a campaign contribution.


My father served in World War II.  I appreciate our military and am very patriotic.  That’s one of the reasons John and I started the Flags for Greenwood program in 1996. 

One of my most cherished memories was standing along Madison Avenue looking at the patriotic American flags that had just been hung by Barry Inabnitt and his team.  The flags were gently blowing in the breeze.  Without a team of citizens volunteering both their time and donations, the “Avenue of Flags” would never have been possible. (No city funds were used in the purchase of the American flags.)   The Avenue of Flags proudly fly along nearly 25 miles of our city streets.

Very soon…..we will have another patriotic moment.  There’s a group of citizens within our community working to raise funds to build a special memorial.  The memorial is planned at the corner of Meridian Street & Surina Way and will honor our veterans, police, firefighters and EMT’s. Our fundraising efforts are going well and the projected dedication is June 2020, prior to our Freedom Festival celebration.  

  • Married and moved to Greenwood in 1967- involved in community quickly
  • Greenwood City Council representing District 1– since November 2008
  • Richard Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series Class of 2014-15
  • Council liaison to the airport – since 2012
  • Member of Greenwood First Baptist Church since 1979
  • The Social of  Greenwood (Senior Citizens) Board of Directors since 2009
  • Greenwood Village South Board of Directors since 2010
  • Veterans Memorial Committee- Memorial to be adjacent to Library
  • Pedals of Joy – to refurbish bicycles for Greenwood children in need
  • 100 Women Who Care  since 2016  (Steering Committee 2016-18)
  • Crime Watch Coordinator – Holman Heights/Forest Park/Reynold/Longden 
  • Past member of Greenwood Plan Commission
  • Past member of Johnson County Solid Waste Management
  • Miles for Myeloma – volunteer significant hours annually
  • Past President of the wives auxiliary of the Greenwood Jaycees 1967 & 1976
  • Former  Restore Old Town Greenwood Board of Directors
  • Former Employee of Ernst & Young LLP – 24 Years
  • Former Indiana Utility Shareholders Association Board of Directors
  • Been to Wash DC 3 times working to limit taxes on investment dividends
  • Voted in every election since my 21st birthday.

By allowing me the opportunity to remain as your council representative, I will continue to:           

  • Listen and voice/vote your concerns
  • Expect the city to operate in a frugal, competent, effective manner without reducing services
  • Maximize best use/return/investment of taxpayer’s money
  • Support/encourage well planned economic development/increase tax base
  • Spend ONLY WHAT WE CAN AFFORD as we plan future of OUR city
  • Must save for tomorrow and continuing planning for our future
  • Manage city’s money the same as my own!
  • Monitor our districts streets, sidewalks and street lights for proper and timely maintenance

I believe my experience, reputation for fairness and community involvement REFLECT MY DEDICATION to serving you and our community.

INTEGRITY MATTERS even when it may not be the politically correct thing to do!


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