Statistical Information

Statistical Information You Need To Know!!!

I was appointed to complete the remaining three years of my husband’s 8th term on the council in November 2008.

Insurance Benefits & Rates

According to our Finance Department, our average per employee per year is $21,738.  Our monthly rates are nearly double others but we only ask our employees to contribute 10% of the monthly rate.  Many places make the employee pay a larger share of dependent coverage…. Greenwood Doesn’t!
Our insurance broker said many places, will offer employee only benefits at no cost to the employee, but make employee pay 100% of any dependent coverage.


Our broker has indicated our plan is considered a “Cadillac” plan in the insurance industry, and that we could cut the costs, but it would mean raising deductibles or changing our benefits to be less rich.

Health Clinic

Another special health benefit was the opening of our Health Clinic on the first floor of City Center.  The Clinic is operated by Franciscan for a cost of $75 per employee enrolled in the insurance.  The Clinic is open 3 days.  The Clinic is available to anyone employee or dependent covered on our insurance plan.  The city was happy to provide this to make it easier not only for employees to seek medical assistance but also to make it more convenient to get children out of school for medical needs without having to lose a half day of work.

There are three important documents that compare Greenwood to other cities in tax rate and spending.

Police & Fire Salary Comparison
Year Number of Merit Officers Salary Probationary Salary 1st Class Patrolman
2009 30 * $39,146.75 $51,147.33

* Under previous administration, the PD was not allowed to fill all of the budgeted positions because the funds were needed for health insurance costs.

Year Number Merit (No Experience) Probationary Range (Experienced)
Lateral Tranfer
2023 77 $60,000.00 $70,000.00

The budget for the fire department included.

Year Number Merit Salary Probationary Salary 1st Class Firefighter
2009 30 * $39,146.75 $51,147.53
2023 68 $55,254.00 $69,250.00

* All other staffing was part time.

INTEGRITY MATTERS even when it may not be the politically correct thing to do!

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