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Interesting….Sometimes Amazing Facts


Do you also know if you live within the city limits and take a current copy of your sanitation bill you can do any of the following at the Waste Management facility adjacent to Fire Station 92 on Fry Road:

Drop off limbs and leaves or get free mulch loaded in your pick up or on your trailer. 



Several pilots donate their time and fuel to fly patients to destinations for medical treatment or assist animals in getting from shelters to a new adoptive home that may be several hundreds of miles away.  I have been out at the airport when a plane has arrived with an animal and handed the pet off to another pilot for the next leg of the journey.   The animals are usually calm and seem to understand this is a good thing!


What are some of the things Code Enforcement does?  They handle issues related to public safety, e.g. refrigerators sitting outside with doors attached (danger to children), a large bush at an intersection blocking ability to see traffic, a dead tree on private property learning towards the street or an adjacent structure.  They work closely with other departments to ensure follow thru on issues that overlap departments such as easement problems, illegal street parking, etc. 

They are coming into their busy season helping residents resolve trash and high grass which are the most prevalent. 

They are a small staff of four seasonal part time officers and one full time officer.  In 2018, they worked on 2,516 cases.


Is the integration of the Building, Engineering and Planning Divisions.  All divisions work together to help property developers, business owners, contractors and citizens develop the Greenwood area.  CDS also handles the sign permitting process.


Finance Department – has transparent financial reports available ….look under Finance Department on www.greenwood.in.gov. 

We continue to balance our budget and have solid operating balances that can be used for opportunities or emergencies that arise.  Once example is that we were able to enter into a lease to update our public safety radios for dispatch without having to request additional appropriations.  This was a $583,000 expense necessary in conform to the county dispatch system. 

Our balanced budgets also offer opportunity to invest portions of our balances on a short term bases which can increase our operating balance or safety net.  


Effective January 1, 2019, our Fire Department has increased to a Class 2 rating from the Insurance Services Offices (ISO ).  ISO is an independent agency that evaluates the Fire Department.  Our former rating was Class 4.  Our residential and business community should see a decrease in premiums at renewal time.

Our Fire Department:

Average response time 1min 29 seconds

Responded to 90 documented cardiac arrests

In 2018 had 6,719 total responses (5509 EMS related & 1,210 Fire related)

Performed 1376 inspections finding 596 violations


The Fleet Maintenance Department performs inspections, routine/preventative maintenance, and repairs on over 250 vehicles and pieces of equipment for every City department!, the technicians serve on 24hr call for Police, Fire, Street, Sanitation and any other department that may need to work late hours or have an afterhours emergency.  The Fleet Superintendent (FS) also assists the other departments in evaluating their vehicles and equipment along with the acquisition and disposal of City vehicles and equipment.  FS also handles all vehicle insurance claims for the City of Greenwood.


Keeps our departments staffed.  This summer alone Freedom Springs is looking to hire 70-80 Lifeguards and 40 Concessions personnel.  Parks Maintenance is looking to hire 15-18 temporary Grounds Workers.  We must do drug testing which if done by a testing facility charges $45 per drug test and a $10 administrative fee. 

Our HR Coordinator suggested being certified to perform the testing in order to save the City money; which has proved very successful.   By having certified HR staff collect saliva for rapid result pre-employment testing the cost is only $22.00 with NO administrative fee. 

Cost if done by outside provider $6,075.  Cost done by our HR certified staff $2,970…..SAVINGS $3,105.00  !!!!


The IT department strung  a whopping 12,000 feet or just over 2 ¼ miles of cable in the former middle school in order to relocate the Police, Courts and Clerk’s departments during they temporary stay while the former Police Headquarters was turned into the new Justice Center.


The Legal Department provides in-house legal services and representation to the Mayor, the city’s executive departmentsGreenwood Common Council, the Clerk’s Office, and various city boards and commissions.  Legal reviews all contracts, assists in drafting city ordinances and resolutions and helps us collect outstanding fees such as overdue sanitation bills or  placing leins on property as a result unpaid fees due to mowing high grass or weeds. 

Reviewing all city contracts

Drafting city ordinances and resolutions

Prosecution of ordinance violations

Handling city employment law matters

Reviewing and drafting internal city policies and procedures

Representation of city and city officials in legal matters


Do you remember that the old pool was suffering a deficit each year in the range of $80,000 annually mostly due to loss of water and the need to increase the amount of chemical purchased annually?  In 2018, Freedom Springs surpassed $1 million in annual revenue welcoming over 108,000 visitors.  Also 2018 was the third consecutive year of record attendance.   Also in 2018, a new “drop slide” feature was added!


The Greenwood Police Department coordinates the effort of various Neighborhood Crime Watch groups throughout our city.  In essence, it could be a neighbor in a Crime Watch area that alerts the Police to something that appears suspicious….as the neighborhood may spot something appearing odd more quickly than an officer on patrol.  Residents tend to know more about each other/neighbors and have potential of alerting the police prior to an illegal activity taking place.  The Police would much rather be called and check a situation out rather than getting a call and the victim or neighbor supplying information indicating there were signs of concern beforehand. 

 In 2017, we had 64 officers that responded to 31,092 calls….averaging 85 per day!  A total of 3,013 people were arrested and of that, 60% resided outside of Greenwood. Our officers wrote a total of 6,645 citations.  Lastly there were 2,408 reported accidents in 2017.


Greenwood’s sanitary sewer system maintains nearly 500 miles of existing pipe serving more than 24,000 residents, businesses, schools and other organizations in northern Johnson County.  Sanitary sewer/waste management bills are sent to property owners each month. 


There is a map on the city’s website alerting you to the status of snow clearing “street by street”…..look under the Street Department

We have approximately 219 miles of streets in one direction….so 2 lanes x length of the street generates that many additional miles….and 4 lanes such as Emerson Avenue would be 4 lanes x length of the street. So it takes some calculating when figuring the number of miles the Street Department clears of snow.


Did you know Storm Water created a “raingarden flower bed on the east side of the library?  Our Storm Water Utility has also been instrumental in educating us about using “pavers” to reduce the amount of storm water runoff  in the parking area.  Check out the lot on west side of library and take a look at the “pavers”!

Also what’s your guess as to the number of tons of debris the street sweeper swept up during 2018?  Would you believe 488.96 tons…..of which Best Way uses the street sweepings as daily cover for their landfill!


As a result of our community participating in curbside recycling we have reduced the amount of trash being taken to the landfill.  Which in essence….helps us to keep our sanitation fees lower.

Our annual curbside recycling picked up 1,983.19 tons in 2017 and 2,167.25 tons in 2018….an increase of 184.06 tons or 9%.  DON’T FORGET HEAVY TRASH PICKUP LAST FULL WEEK OF THE MONTH 



Last but not least…..Did you realize that the Greater Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Greenwood have worked hand-in-hand on several projects.  The relationship between the Chamber and the City is also important to the overall progress of each. 

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