My Priorities

As your councilwoman it is my duty to make sure the city continues setting realistic goals and priorities.  My top priorities continue to be:

#1 Maintaining superb public safety practices/ well as supporting our police and firefighters. 

#2 Repairing/replacing infrastructure such as sanitary sewers, storm water drainage, sidewalk repairs and paving or rebuilding deteriorating streets. 

 #3 Quality of Life & Zoning requirements/guidelines (plus making sure our “nuisance” ordinance remains strong) are tied for 3rd place.    Quality of Life and Zoning are very viable and important.  We must remain aggressive in attracting sound residential and commercial growth

Must have a robust public safety network, infrastructure, quality of life and realistic zoning guidelines or we will lose our ability to attract great companies

We don’t need additional truck terminals.  They only cause more congestion and damage to our roads.  Our determination to stay focused on strong development will continue to broaden our tax base.  Increasing our commercial foundation broadens our tax base and continues helping us to attain even better tax rates than our existing (nearly lowest in the state) base.  Creativity will be the force driving our ability to attract commercial development…..which in fact will have a major emphasis on keeping our tax rate attractive and lower than most communities.  Our ability to attract or entice the interest of owners and executives to choose our city will be a reflection of the perception of our friendliness, helpfulness, attitudes and our quality-of-life issues. 

It is my belief, executives looking to expand or relocate their business are greatly influenced by “Quality of Life” issues.  Conveniences, expanded cutting edge medical services, reputation of schools (both public and private availability) perception of traffic issues, professional services, attractive fire protection rating, effective police department with low incident of criminal activity are all key to luring commercial growth and development.  In addition, our fabulous Freedom Springs Water Park and trails throughout our community are major attributes that should put us well over the top in the selection process.

Our community has a large variety of homes, condos, retirement communities and apartments available to career professionals, recent college graduates, empty nesters and individuals that have recently lost spouse/partners.  I believe we need some entry level homes to help first time buyers’ quality for loans.  Rental rates are increasing rapidly, and you have nothing in return but a receipt.  It’s just as imperative to have quality assisted living and nursing facilities in our community.  Adult children facing the challenge of relocating mom and/or dad want options nearby that are modern, clean, meet their care needs/expectations, satisfy the safety or medical needs and most of all a friendly environment that mom or dad will be happy and not resist or beg to be taken home.  These baby boomers are struggling to balance safety, overall health needs and satisfaction.

INTEGRITY MATTERS even when it may not be the politically correct thing to do!

Proudly Paid for by The Committee to Re-Elect Linda Gibson